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805 Cannabis was created exclusively for Ventura and Santa Barbara County. You don’t have to spend hours deciphering complicated cannabis websites with nationwide listings. 805 Cannabis was created for the 805 area code only! We will display only local vendors from Ventura and Santa Barbara County. While 805 Cannabis is an extremely robust platform, it is also the most user-friendly marijuana online store. You will be able to purchase cannabis products from local dispensaries, see reviews, photos, and menus.


Our platform automatically compares prices from all local vendors. In addition, we will tell you who carries your favorite products! Visit our online store to place your online order and get more bud for your buck!


Want to learn more about us? Take our site for a test and you will see what we are all about!

How We Started


The year 2020 was a difficult year for most of us. It was not a bad year per se. Instead, it was a year full of opportunities. Many of us had to close our businesses due to state-wide mandatory orders and were blessed with mandatory rest as well. However, resting in times of uncertainty did not feel like the right thing to do. This is why I decided to invest my time wisely and create the most user-friendly cannabis website.


If you have purchase cannabis online, you might already know how confusing and frustrating that could be. Most online menus are missing product images, brand information, and product descriptions. Others will show you marijuana dispensaries from other states and products not sold locally. So how exactly are you supposed to find your favorite product? Well, you can’t!


The need for a user-friendly and informational website was long overdue. This is why 805-Cannabis was created. Not only are we the highest quality cannabis website but we are also exclusive to the 805-area code. Mainly because our goal is to bring quality and not quantity. So, if you live in Ventura and Santa Barbara County, you should consider yourself lucky! Not only will you get to use our site free of charge, but you will also get to save cash with our price comparison tool!

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Textun About us Article


I would like to convey to my visitors and blog readers who is 805-cannabis.com and what we do. English is my second language and so all the “about us” information on my site is not of the highest quality. I would like a clear and fun way to tell my visitors who we are. 805-Cannabis is like weedmaps or the amazon of weed but we are exclusive to the 805 area code; Ventura County is the main Market and Santa Barbara the second target market. Marijuana dispensaries in Ventura County will get a paid membership to advertise and create an online store with their menu under our site. This in turn will allow them to take advantage of our high traffic to increase their sales and revenue with an easy-to-use platform. We have a library of over 20 thousand products for marijuana dispensaries to add products to their menus with just one click directly from our library. Unlike most marijuana online menus, 805-cannabis is extremely easy to use, all items have pictures and we target a specific market so you don’t have to come across shops from other states or products that are not sold locally.


We are the easiest fastest and most convenient way to review menus, compare prices and buy weed online in Ventura County California. We are here to make marijuana online shopping easy and keep you up to date with the latest industry trends, articles, and innovations in the marijuana industry


Clients can visit each marijuana dispensary menu under our site individually or they can visit the general online store. Our Database contains over 20 thousand products. However, only products that are currently listed on any of our member’s menus will display in our store. So if a product is not on any dispensaries menu, our system will not place that item on our general store. If a dispensary adds the item from our library onto their menu, that will tell our system that the product is available locally and thus, displaying it under the dispensary menu and the store. If 5 dispensaries carry the same product, the product will show under each dispensaries menus and it will only display it once on our general store to avoid duplicates and improve customers’ shopping experience. Regardless of how you get to the item, you would like to buy, our system will display if the product is available with other local vendors and their prices. Bottom line, 805 Cannabis is setting high market standards for how online marijuana shopping should be while allowing visitors to compare prices and save money. All orders with our local dispensaries can be ordered for pick up at the dispensary of for local delivery by the dispensary themselves. These are all ideas from the top of my head so feel free to use as much as you need for the article. Keep in mind that since its my second language the grammar or syntax in many cases might not be the most attractive and clear way to present it to customers.