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Is Mail Order Marijuana Legal?

Mail Order Cannabis – Published 10:00 am PT June 3rd, 2021. By 805-Cannabis

Mail Order Cannabis Ready to Ship

Since 2016, recreational cannabis has been legal in the state of California. Adult Californians can now smoke marijuana with little more trouble than if they smoked tobacco or drank alcohol. With plenty of dispensaries and even some online options, shopping for weed is easier than ever in the Golden State.

However, if you are trying to order weed without leaving the comfort of your own home, things are still a little complicated. There are limits on shipping weed and ordering it through the mail that doesn’t exist for other recreational substances such as alcohol.

The Legal Status of Weed in California

According to California state law, cannabis is legal both for recreational purposes and medical purposes. Adults above the age of 21 can consume it recreationally, while those between the ages of 18 and 20 need a doctor’s recommendation to access medical marijuana.

That does not mean that California is a weed free-for-all. When purchasing weed for recreational use, people can have up to one ounce (28.5 grams) or up to six plants in their home. Consuming it in public places or on federal land is also banned. Consumers are only allowed to buy weed from licensed dispensaries. These legitimate establishments can now be found throughout Ventura County and the state of California as a whole.

State law legalized weed, but certain counties and local governments still limit the drug’s consumption and sale. For example, in Ventura County, you can only buy, sell, or cultivate weed for commercial purposes in certain cities.

Finally, federal law also contradicts California state law. According to the United States federal government, weed is still a Schedule 1 drug, which means it is considered a highly dangerous, illegal controlled substance. Since all mail is regulated by the federal government, not individual states, this affects your ability to order weed online and ship it to your home.

Ordering Weed by Mail

As mentioned above, the United States Postal Service is controlled by the federal government, which still considers marijuana illegal. This means that even if someone is shipping weed between two addresses in California, they cannot do so.

Some people think that they can use private shipping companies, such as FedEx, to get around this law. However, even private companies have to follow federal regulations, and many are particularly vigilant about controlled substances after lawsuits against them for shipping illegally obtained pills. Using a private company for mailing marijuana may be even more dangerous than using the Post Office because they do not need a warrant to search your packages.

If you are caught sending weed through the Postal Service or a private company, the consequences are not to be taken lightly. You could pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees or even spend a year in prison.

Can You Order Weed to Your Doorstep?

Luckily, just because it is illegal to send weed through the mail does not mean that you have to physically go to a dispensary every time you want to go weed shopping. You can still order weed to your doorstep because many dispensaries offer a private courier service. Instead of relying on shipping companies, they deliver your order personally.

However, there are a few regulations you should be aware of if you are expecting a weed delivery. This is not like an Amazon order where they will drop it off at your doorstep if you’re not home. You need to be physically present at delivery and show an ID and proof that you are a California residency. You also cannot pick up an order while you are sitting in your car.

Even though you cannot order weed by mail in California, you can still enjoy the convenience of home delivery.

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