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      Mr. Nugget

      Have you used delivery services in Ventura County? Let us know which service has the best rates, specials and delivery times.

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      Weed Wolf

      Green Cuisine by far!!! I usually get my goodies within the hour even though I live in Ventura and I believe they are based out of Santa Barbara. So either I have their location wrong or they have either great logistics or drivers with plenty provisions in their trunks. I don’t really care which is it since its always deliver on time and their products are always pretty descent.

      It also seems like many delivery services are not even licensed so I like to stick to the ones I already know.

      Do you use delivery services? which is your go to service?

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      Rain Dance Maggie

      I have used Green Cuisine and it is Legit! I usualyy don’t use deliveries since I have had mixed results with their drivers from previous experiences.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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