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      Which cannabis dispensary is recognized for soft customer service and including the best collection of top-shelf cannabis products from famous weed brands near Oxnard?

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      Mr. Nugget

      Hey William! Oxnard, CA is actually on its way to approve 8 marijuana dispensaries. I have been following the news but they have yet to decide where in the city would be appropriate and who will they be granting such limited amount of permits. Mindful Habits is located in Oxnard, CA and while they are considered a dispensary, only a few of their items contain thc and is mostly all cbd and cbn.

      A few miles don the road in Port Hueneme, Ca, you will find 8 great dispensaries. My choice would be either From the Earth, Emerald Perspective and 420 HPC whom carry about double the inventory over any other local competitor in Hueneme.

      Are you looking to buy flower, edibles or concentrates?

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      Weed Wolf

      That right! I went to Mindful Habits Dispensary to find out that most of their products are just CBD for the most part. I do not know if their menu has changed but until then, you are better off driving to any dispensary in Port Hueneme.

      I agree with morning stoner, 420 HPC has a great selection and customer service and I have heard about Emerald Perspective, also in Port Hueneme. I will have to give it a shot next!

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