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How to list your business?

You must first search your business listing on our database and then you will be able to claim your listing and choose a membership plan. After you claim your business, you will receive a Welcome email with a link that you will use to execute any of the aforementioned tasks.

About 805 Cannabis:

805 Cannabis is the most powerful, clean and friendly online marijuana shop of it’s kind.  We catered to cannabis businesses from Ventura and Santa Barbara County only, which increases our relevancy to search engines and, in turn, will increase the online visibility and online sales when you list your business with us.

We have done most of the heavy lifting for you by creating product libraries available to seller. This libraries contain over 10,000 products from over 500 different brands available for you to add to your menu with just one click.

Is it FREE to list your business?

You will be able to list your business for free only for a limited period of time. However, FREE listings have some restrictions and do not unlock all the available features you will need to gain more online visibility, be found over your local competitors or sell your products online. If you are serious about increasing your local market share, we would suggest upgrading to a paid membership plan.

Why should I sell my products through 805 Cannabis?

Your target market is online right now looking for marijuana businesses just like yours. Due to the increased online competition, your chances of showing in the first page of Google have become very slim. In addition, powerful nationwide cannabis websites will continue to rank higher for most searched keywords that do not contain your business name. This explains why we have created a very powerful and robust, yet user friendly, online shopping platform for Ventura and Santa Barbara Dispensaries only. Check out our plans, sign up and increase your local market share within a matter of weeks.

Your listing will also generate a backlink to your website that will be taken into consideration by Google and other search engines to improve your website’s rankings.

We provide different products and services. Can I specify that in my listing?

You will have the option to list your business under the following categories: Marijuana Dispensaries, Deliveries and Brands. You must have a paid membership in order to select more than one category. This is very helpful for marijuana dispensaries that also provide local delivery services.


I have more than 1 business location. Can I submit them all?

Memberships are individual and a new account must be created for each physical location.

I received an email to claim my business listing, but I never submitted a request?

805 Cannabis believes in exceptional customer service. which is why we have created your business profile and menu just for you! Now you just have to claim your business, choose a membership plan, approve your menu and start selling. You will have the option to feature your business during the signup process in order to rank higher over your local competitors.

Are you tired of spending too much time updating Inventories, websites and products? We offer tailored business solutions that will allow us do do it for you so you can focus on what you do best!