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Top 16 Marijuana Brands 2020

The marijuana industry is rapidly picking up steam around the world, but nowhere is this market growing faster than in the United States and Canada. In 2018, Canada legalized recreational marijuana nationwide, and 10 American states plus the District of Columbia have also legalized recreational pot.

The way things are going, marijuana will soon be legal federally in the United States, and the following 16 cannabusiness companies will quickly become nationwide corporations freely selling pot to the masses. Learn more about what these companies are doing right and the investment opportunities that they’re providing.

Caviar Gold

caviar gold logoCaviar Gold is consistently considered to be one of the best flower companies in the United States. This marijuana brand sells its wares in Washington, California, and Nevada, and it mainly focuses on flower products.

The flower you get from Caviar Gold is anything but ordinary, however. Every pre-rolled joint or jar of buds that this company sells is made with top-shelf flower that is then dipped in 95 percent pure THC distillate. As if that wasn’t enough, each bud is then dusted with kief. The resulting pot would make a Deadhead from the ’70s keel over, but if you’re an affluent marijuana enthusiast, the products offered by Caviar Gold can’t be beaten

Marley Natural

marley natural logo cannabis brandThis marijuana brand has been around for a while, and it also produces apparel and accessories. Marley Natural was created by Bob Marley’s estate with the help of a private equity firm called Privateer Holdings, and it is one of the most widespread marijuana companies in the United States.

Cedella Marley, Bob Marley’s granddaughter, is the spokesperson for Marley Natural, and this company offers a wide range of body care and smoking products that are all branded with the Marley name and an iconic lion logo. While using Bob’s name to sell pot might have been a purely money-making move, there’s no doubt that this multi-million dollar company is a favorite among marijuana enthusiasts everywhere.

Wana Marijuana Brands

wana brands ediblesThere’s no doubt that Wana Brands is all about the THC, but that doesn’t mean that this company isn’t responsible. Wana’s tagline is “Enhance Your Life,” and this company believes that ingesting marijuana edibles in moderation is an excellent way to improve your enjoyment of life.

This company sells its wares in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, and Michigan, which means that it has a wider reach than practically any other recreational cannabis company. With very simple branding and gummy flavors like Watermelon Indica and Mango Sativa, this company’s yummy treats will definitely deliver you to a higher plane.

However, it’s important to make sure that you keep your Wana Edibles out of the reach of children since they look just like candy.


apothecanna brand logoIf you didn’t know better, you’d expect to see Apothecanna’s hemp topicals on the shelves of a high-end spa. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that none of Apothecanna’s products will get you high; instead, they contain hemp extracts that don’t contain THC.

In terms of branding, Apothecanna has a thing or two to teach to other aspiring marijuana companies. While every lotion bottle that this company produces has a little pot leaf on its bottom right-hand corner, that’s about the only indication that these products have anything to do with marijuana.

As marijuana becomes more mainstream, most companies would benefit from taking this minimalist approach.

Willie’s Reserve

willies reserve cannabis brand logoOne thing comes to mind first when you think of Willie Nelson, and in 2015, this singer-songwriter legend determined that it was “high time” get in on the recreational marijuana business. With its Old West branding and immediate association with Willie’s most famous proclivity, Willie’s Reserve has been an instant hit, and this company’s products are now offered all over the United States.

This company offers a little bit of everything. Whether you want marijuana candy, chocolate, or even drink mixes, Willie has got you covered, and you also have your pick of a number of vape cartridges and flower jars. This company also offers various pre-rolled joints that are offered in small, airtight canisters.

Level Blends

level brandsLevel Blends sets itself apart from the competition by focusing on oral cannabis-infused tablets. These tablets come in super-minimalist boxes that are stamped with the same font used on bottles of prescription drugs, which emphasizes this brand’s clean, clinical appeal.

Each tablet product is given a name like “Float,” “Elevate,” or “Soothe,” and these products contain isolated cannabinoids like THCV, CBG, CBN, and THCA. While the reach of Level Blends is currently limited to California, it won’t be long until this company’s vape cartridges, oral tablets, and sublingual tablets become popular in every recreational marijuana state in the USA.

The Goodship Company

the goodship company cannabis brandThe Goodship Company is an edible brand through-and-through. Based in Seattle, this company offers delicious cookies, tokens, jellies, and pasties that delight the palate and expand the senses.

This marijuana brand is highly arts-oriented, and it has even been featured by the New York Times. The Goodship Company has an initiative called “Higher Education” that seeks to bring attention to various social issues and facilitate conversations in the form of a yearly lecture series. It’s unclear, however, how well this company’s patrons will be able to pay attention to issues like cybercrime and prehistoric sex while they’re under the influence of Goodship’s products.

Omaha Farms

omaha farms logoDespite its name, Omaha Farms does business a significant distance away from Nebraska. This Phoenix-based company is one of Arizona’s rising stars in the medical marijuana brands arena, and it has a huge production facility in the snowbird-haven suburb of Mesa.

In particular, this company’s flower Salad Bowls are hugely popular with Phoenix residents. These products are so beloved, in fact, that they’re nearly as popular as some multi-state brands despite being limited to the Arizona medical marijuana marketplace. Omaha Farms isn’t going anywhere, and eventually, its frosty buds may even make it as far as the frozen plains of Nebraska.


orekron logoWhile Oregon-based OreKron isn’t that big of a name yet, it will be. Keep an eye on OreKron as it continues to win awards and extend its reach.

So far, this company only offers flower products, but all of OreKron’s buds are grown with pure sunshine in climate-controlled greenhouses. Benzinga has recognized OreKron as one of the fastest-growing flower producers in the country, and this company is known for offering prized strains like Chernobyl Golden Ticket, Strawberry GSC, and Razzberry Kush.

Siskiyou Sungrown

siskiyou sungrownThis Oregon-based company is recognized as offering the best-selling concentrates in the United States. All of Siskiyou’s products are grown organically in a soil substrate, and this company’s extracts are produced with organic cane alcohol.

In addition to offering high-potency THC products, Siskiyou Sungrown is also known for its CBD tinctures. Some of these tinctures are mixed with relatively high concentrations of THC, but others only contain full-spectrum CBD.

Every batch of Siskiyou products is lab-tested, and in addition to tinctures, this company also offers oral CBD capsules and hemp topicals. With so many recreational cannabis brands focused only on helping their customers get high, Siskiyou’s emphasis on health and well-being is refreshing.

Nature’s Medicines

natures medicine cannabis brandIn sharp contrast to the country’s biggest recreational companies, Arizona-based Nature’s Medicines remains a medical marijuana company. That said, it’s one of the biggest marijuana brands in Arizona; it has over 10,000 online reviews, and it has a number of different locations throughout the state.

The Blue Suede Zkittlez concentrate from Nature’s Medicines has been recognized as the fastest-growing concentrate product in the USA, and when Arizona inevitably legalizes recreational marijuana, there’s no doubt that this company will head straight to the top. Until then, Arizona customers will need medical marijuana cards to sample the top-notch products offered by Nature’s Medicines.

THC Design

thc design logoYou’ll never find out THC Design‘s true location unless you’re told directly, but this Los Angeles marijuana company is one of the most precocious players in California’s fledgling recreational pot industry. Those who have been given coveted access to this company’s main production facility stand in amazement at the recirculating, humidity-controlled HVAC system that snakes through the building and the incredibly high-tech security measures that have been put in place around the perimeter.

This company’s tagline is “Forging the Future of Cannabis,” and it panders to urbanite sensibilities every step of the way. From minimalist packaging for its pre-rolled joints and packaged flower products to its impressive investment portfolio, THC design is set to rock the market as its cutting-edge practices give it a leg up in a rapidly growing and highly competitive industry.


dosist logo cannabis brandSanta Monica-based Dosist is one of the most attractive marijuana brands on the market. One look at the vape pens offered by this company gives you the impression that you’ve suddenly been transported about 20 years into the future, and that’s before you inhale.

While this company’s products have been banned in Canada, they’re still all the rage in California, and, interestingly, Florida. With so many companies focusing on the recreational aspects of marijuana, Dosist sticks to the science and produces innovative products that would make Apple CEO Tim Cook proud.

One of the main focuses of Dosist is providing an alternative to the dangerous pain medications that are taking the lives of tens of thousands of Americans per year. This company’s CEO, Gunner Winston, hopes that his products will help alleviate the opioid crisis and give people better lives all over the country. It seems that he’s encountering a lot of success; after all, Dosist products have been identified as the fastest-growing marijuana brands in the country.

K.I.N.D. Concentrates

K.I.N.D. ConcentratesKind-logo is a no-frills marijuana company, but it’s still highly popular in Arizona. It’s one of the fastest-growing cannabis brands in the country even though it’s limited to a single state, and K.I.N.D. Concentrates offers all sorts of products such as Rick Simpson oil, THC capsules, and vape pens.

Founded in 2013, K.I.N.D. Concentrates is one of Arizona’s oldest marijuana brands, and it continues to pride itself on providing all sorts of different THC-rich options to its customers. This company also offers CBD capsules for those who don’t want to experience the intoxicating aspects of marijuana.

Seven Point Marijuana Brand

seven point cannabis brandThe reference that this marijuana brand’s name makes might be obvious to most marijuana enthusiasts, but many pot users may not have heard of Seven Point if they aren’t from the Chicago area. Nonetheless, this company offers some of the best-branded products in the country, and it’s something of a living legend in the Windy City.

Every marijuana product that Seven Point produces looks like it would fit in perfectly on the coffee table of a downtown Chicago penthouse. This company uses artisan boxes to package all of its pot products, and each white outer box contains a color-coordinated inner box that’s specific to a particular strain.

From a minimalist font to a slick and sleek packaging design, Seven Point’s aesthetic is a great example of the artistic branding that the marijuana industry can produce when free-market competition is encouraged. At this time, Seven Point remains a medical-only company that’s limited to the Chicago area, but its top-tier branding won’t stay a secret for long.


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