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Twenty-nine states and Washington D.C, have legalized the use of medical marijuana retailers and on top of that, nine states have legalized recreational pot. Why was it illegal in the first place? Ventura

, Ventura County | Oxnard Marijuana retailers | Star Published 7:00 a.m. PT May 20, 2020


The application window for marijuana retailers to open in Oxnard closes this week. That means the city is about a year away from having its first retail marijuana business open to the public.

Originally the city had a March deadline for accepting applications, but it was extended because of the coronavirus and extended once again when the city was hit by a computer virus. The deadline is now 4 p.m. Friday.

The process to be among the first cannabis businesses to open in the county’s biggest city will be a competitive one. The city was expecting about 30 marijuana retailers to apply. So far, it has accepted more than 40 applications and expects to have about 50 by the end of the week.

About eight retailers will be selected. Jeff Lambert, community development director, said eight retailers have been authorized although the City Council may be asked to authorize 10 or more. Some of the retail permits may be reserved for local marijuana businesses as part of an equity program. Details for the program are still being worked out.

Lambert said once the completed applications are in, applicants will be reviewed and picked to be interviewed. The applicants will be ranked based on their business and security plans.

“We want to make sure they’ve completed those plans, that it’s a company that can deliver and comply,” Lambert said.

The initial cost of the application is about $2,300. The total cost for the selected applicant is $5,500 plus an additional $7,300 for a special-use permit.


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