As convenient and easy-to-use as cartridges, CBD or cannabis-filled pods provide on-the-go relief. Typically having longer battery life and more extract per pod than cartridges. Pods are a great choice for first-timers and experienced users alike.

710 Labs | Z OZ #8 Tier IV Pod – 0.5g

Brand: 710 Labs
Sold by: 710 Labs

$55.00 - 0.5g

Type: Indica

Indica strains are known for their “Full Body-high” such as increased deep relaxation. Indica strains can help with nausea, insomnia and increased your appetite. This Strain also produces Higher levels of CBD than Sativa.

Weight: 0.5g

THC: 333mg

CBD: 1.1 mg

Take a dab from a pen. No distillate, no alterations. We celebrate the plant’s naturally produced cannabinoids and flavors. Our Pod is a high terpene fraction of our live resin extract. We use only medical grade materials with no heavy metal leaching into the hash. Cleanest pod in the business.

Care instructions: do not take a hit from the battery/charging side.
Storage: separate pod from battery, store the pod in the fridge. When you are ready to use it, let it warm to room temp, add it back to the battery before taking a hit. Never store in a hot car.

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710 Labs
We are award-winning artists obsessed with making the richest flavored, pesticide-free, organically fed, small batch, hand-trimmed cannabis on the planet. We are the ogs that hand select and hunt exotic strains from the most renowned breeders, including landrace single origin seeds that took decades to find.