Autumn Brands | Banana Dawg – 3.5g

Brand: Autumn Brands

When you think of cannabis, you think of flower. Offering a full spectrum of strengths and flavors, marijuana flower comes carefully packaged and measured for your enjoyment. Choose from Indica, Sativa, CBD, and Hybrids to find your perfect high.

Sold by: Autumn Brands

Type: Hybrid

Hybrid strains are varieties that contain indica and sativa genes, bringing you the best of both worlds. Hybrid Strains offer a balance between the benefits of both types. This means the effects will be more balanced throughout the body, making it a good choice for a variety of users.

Weight: 3.5g

$32.00 - 3.5g

This hybrid is a cross between Banana Kush x Chem Dawg that creates a strong gassy and nutty banana aroma that carries over to the flavor. A unique strain that is lime green in color and has a structure like GG4 with a hefty helping of trichomes. Inhale, Exhale, Smile

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Weight 3.5 g


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