Curated Cannabis | Magic Melon – 3.5g


When you think of cannabis, you think of flower. Offering a full spectrum of strengths and flavors, marijuana flower comes carefully packaged and measured for your enjoyment. Choose from Indica, Sativa, CBD, and Hybrids to find your perfect high.

Sold by: Curated Cannabis

Type: Hybrid

Hybrid strains are varieties that contain Indica and Sativa genes, bringing you the best of both worlds. Hybrid Strains offer a balance between the benefits of both types. This means the effects will be more balanced throughout the mind and body, making it a good choice for a variety of users.

Weight: 3.5g

THC: 17%

$45.00 - 3.5g


Sativa Leaning Hybrid

Cross between Mango Trees x Honeydew Melon x Mango Sherbet.

The Magic Melon high leans more towards the bright side of things, with full-bodied and energizing effects that are great for a lazy afternoon spent relaxing with friends or hitting the great outdoors.

Large colas with arrowhead-shaped calyxes that transitions from light green to dark green. Light-orange, wispy pistils standing at attention. Dark green sugar leaves that have a burnt-purple look. Color composition very similar to mangos.

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Weight 3.5 g



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Curated Cannabis
CURATED CANNABIS Curated Cannabis curates cannabis. We select seasonal cannabis cultivars with distinct physiological and cannabinoid profiles. We work with responsible cultivators that consistently grow the flower to its genetic potential. We trim the flower by hand immediately after it’s been harvested, and remove the moisture in a controlled environment without altering the shape, color, and aroma of the flower.
  • Process cured cannabis flower.
  • Manufacture cannabis concentrate.
  • Distribute our products to retailers in California.