Somatik | CBD:THC Cold Brew Coffee – 10mg

Brand: Somatik

Take a sip, and feel the anxiety melt away! Cannabis-infused beverages are convenient, delicious, and a best-seller—for good reason! Available in infused tea, sparkling water, and flavored drinks, these beverages provide many therapeutic benefits.

Sold by: Somatik

Type: High CBD

High CBD products tend to have high amounts of THC and CBD. The amounts of each will vary depending on the product’s formulation. Example: 1:1, 2:1, 5:1, 10:1, 20:1 of THC:CBD or CBD:THC. High CBD products tend to be very relaxing and can help reduce pain and anxiety.

THC: 5mg

CBD: 5mg


5mg CBD: 5mg THC Cold Brew Coffee

Love to Wake and Bake? Somatik CBD Coffee is made just for you. CBD grounds you in your body. THC kicks in your euphoric vibes. Caffeine improves your blood flow and brain functions. Together, cannabis eases caffeine jitters while caffeine propels the Cannabis through your mind and body.

Somatik CBD Cold Brew Coffee can help relieve pain and increase mental performance in stressful times. Our coffee helps you let go of anxiety and keeps you grounded so you can focus on what’s good in your life! Sip the benefits Fast: Experience full effects within 15 minutes. When combined with coffee, cannabis relieves stress faster than other infused foods.

We designed Somatik Cold Brew Coffee to help reduce stress and anxiety and enhance your mood at work and at play. Our infused coffee is faster acting and more bioavailable than other edibles giving you a clear and euphoric mind and relaxed body. The hybrid CBD and THC, combined with naturally occurring caffeine connect your mind + body within 15-20 minutes.

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About this Brand
Somatik means mind-body balance. We believe plants help restore the inherent connection between you, your body and your community. We want to plant a seed, and grow community by creating rituals that integrate cannabis into your daily life. Somatik combines science + craft to develop plant-based medicines that are good for your mind + body. Every Somatik product incorporates whole plants and ethically-sourced high-quality ingredients. Each product is handcrafted with pride in San Francisco, CA.