Venice | Indica ONE Sesame Oil Tincture


Insomnia can ruin the day, but you can fight back with cannabis products designed for restful, comfortable sleep. Choose dry leaf, cartridges, or pods for a sleepy high! Or settle in for the night with edibles, drops, or easy-swallow capsules.

Type: Indica

Indica strains are known for their “Full Body-high” such as increased deep relaxation. Indica strains can help with nausea, insomnia and increased your appetite. This Strain also produces Higher levels of CBD than Sativa.

Our Indica One Tincture PM Formula with Cannaroma was created for patients looking for a sleep enhancing tincture while simultaneously helping relieve pain, stress and inflammation. Our Indica PM formula is California’s first tincture to be infused with additional terpenes to restore certain therapeutic benefits of cannabis typically lost in processing.

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About this Brand
Venice Cookie Company
Perhaps the last surviving Southern California born edibles brand from 2008 (we hope not!), Venice Cookie Company is a longstanding authority on cannabis infused products in California. Since 2008, our edibles, beverages and tinctures have led the industry in quality and innovation. Values like integrity, consistency, and great customer service define us as much as our belief in wellness, freedom, and fun.