Marijuana legalization has created a legitimate retail environment for adults to buy weed. However, these legal enterprises share some common practices as the outlaw trade. Yes, marijuana dispensaries will simply not take back products from dissatisfied clients. Just like your pot dealer back in the date would have never issued a refund for the pot you did not like. It might sound crazy, right! However, if you have purchased weed on the black market, you will know that returning weed has never been an option.

Most people might not agree with the “No Returns” policy from the marijuana industry. If you are one of them, should probably ask yourself the following questions. Have you ever returned a pack of cigarettes because you did not like them? Possible returning chicken to the supermarket or a half-eaten banana? Do you get my point now?

Legally speaking, certain merchandise either is not returnable by its nature or is not considered to be returnable. The requirements of Civil Code section 1723 do not apply to any of the following kinds of merchandise: Food, plants, flowers, and perishable goods.  Department of Consumer Affairs. At first glance, disgruntled Cannabis consumers are best suited to walk away and cut their losses.

Marijuana Return Policy

What if the product I purchased is defective?

Pot shops do not have to clearly state their return policy, or lack thereof, as required by California State law. This is because Cannabis is a food/plant product and is not considered to be returnable. However, if the product is defective, containing mold or foreign objects, a dispensary might allow you to return the product for “fair market value.”

will this policy ever change?

Yes, most established dispensaries have a vested interest in maintaining a professional edifice and make it common practice to state their return policies in clear and conspicuous language. However, with all honesty, I have never seen a return policy posted at a marijuana dispensary near me. I have even checked my purchase receipts hoping that the policy would be printed on the back. I really do not intend to return any of the products I have purchased. Although, it is always nice to be familiar with the dispensaries’ return policy.

So why do I think these policies will become a little more flexible in the future? Well, the legal cannabis industry is a new industry in its development stages. This industry has a long way to go and many changes and challenges to overcome. One thing is for sure, with so many entrepreneurs and investors excited and eager to be part of the green rush venture, the competition will continue to increase for years to come.

I like to use Ventura County as an example to provide you with a better idea about the rapid growth of this industry. This rapid growth will allow only the best pot shops to survive so businesses better make sure they have outstanding customer service. Great Customer services in many cases would translate into more flexible return policies. The cannabis industry in Ventura County has gained momentum throughout the past years. In fact, we already have 7 dispensaries Located in Port Hueneme, 3 in Ojai, and a CBD Dispensary in Oxnard, CA. In addition, the city of Oxnard is in the process of awarding 10 cannabis retailer licenses. As you can see, competition in Ventura County is fierce already.

Marijuana Leaf ready to be packed in a box

return Policy for Cartridges and Vape Pens

Last week I visited 420 HPC, a pot shop located in Port Hueneme, CA. This shop is located near me and the budtenders are very kind and knowledgeable. Hueneme Patient Collective also has some of the best prices in Ventura County and one of the best inventories. I purchased a disposable vape pen by CRU Cannabis that I have been wanting for a while. The vape pen was all bagged up and ready to go when I was approached by one of the budtenders. He informed me that the vape pen could be exchanged within 7 days from purchase if defective.

CRU cannabis is one of the best cannabis brands. Their products are very high quality so you will most likely not get a defective item from them. However, it was very nice to know that a defective item can be exchanged at HPC. I do not know if the policy only applies to that specific brand or to all disposable vape pens. Either way, this is a good sign that dispensaries in Port Hueneme and Ojai are willing to take good care of our community.

​Bottom Line…

​You must always be nice and appreciative of our local dispensaries. They are doing their best to accommodate our needs and provide the best customer service possible. It is a fairly new industry, provide feedback in a courteous manner and allow them time to continue to get better.


805-Cannabis acts as an intermediary only and we are not responsible for any defective items purchased at a local dispensary.

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