Inside Skunkmasters Marijuana Dispensary Location in Port Hueneme
Skunkmasters worked to design a climate control and carbon filtration system that optimizes temperatures and air quality for customers, employees, and of course the products. (Photo: Courtesy Skunkmasters)

Skunkmasters | Published 4:00 a.m. PT May 20, 2020


  On May 1, family-owned and operated Port Hueneme, California cannabis dispensary Skunkmasters opened a new 4,000-square-foot facility. When the team behind Skunkmasters opened its first store two years ago, they had a vision: to give customers the best possible retail cannabis experience. That meant creating a culture that was welcoming to all and stocking the shop with sought-after products at affordable prices. Thanks to extensive expansion and thoughtful renovations, the new store provides just that. And just in time.

Within six months of opening their original location, Skunkmasters was already poised to outgrow it. “We started out conservatively, with 600 square feet for the showroom and 600 square feet for reception, lobby, and dispensing space,” says Mark Tatum, Skunkmasters Operating Manager. Still, even in this smaller space, Skunkmasters offered more than 1,800 cannabis products from the best names in the business. Such an impressive sales volume made it possible to take advantage of bulk pricing and vendor incentives, savings they were able to pass along to customers.

That original vision of providing clients with the products they want at prices they can afford went a long way toward building customer loyalty. So, when the Skunkmasters team decided that continuing business in a relatively confined space was no longer tenable, they knew they wanted to maintain that community feel even in a more spacious setting.

The new shop succeeds on multiple levels. The lobby is now three times what it was at the old location and a soaring atrium creates a beautiful environment for cannabis shopping. The new showroom has grown substantially, now sprawling over 3,000 square feet. And the dispensing area has been enlarged and redesigned with efficiency in mind. Three separate customer windows and a state-of-the-art inventory system ensure the purchase experience is streamlined and smooth.


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