THC-Infused Gummies in a glass jar

THC-Infused Gummies seem to be the go-to product for new users

THC-Infused Gummies – Published 10:00 am PT April 1, 2021. By 805-Cannabis

THC-Infused Gummies in a glass jar
Marijuana-Infused Gummies are now available in Ventura County.

Many people think of gummy candies as a kids’ snack, but the increased popularity of marijuana gummies makes them a very grown-up treat indeed. Read on to learn more about how you can enjoy your weed this way.

Uniform Dosing

It’s not always easy to ensure a consistent potency and dosage in edibles such as brownies or even chocolates. But the process of manufacturing THC gummies guarantees that they are the exact same size and strength every time. However, as with any sort of edible, it takes effect slowly, so users should be careful not to overindulge because nothing’s happening yet.

It’s also much easier to make gummy candy than chocolate bars or other candies, and the ingredients for gummies are also less expensive and easier to manage, so marijuana gummies tend to be somewhat less expensive than other edibles.

Ease of Use

Lots of cannabis consumers don’t want to have to smoke or vape so edibles of any sort are popular, especially for new or occasional users. It’s much less intimidating to have a small snack than to fit out a vaporizer or learn how to roll a joint. They are also popular for medical marijuana patients, who may not be completely comfortable with the way weed has been portrayed in popular culture.

Gummies don’t melt or break easily, so they are easy to store and easy to take with you on a night out or any other occasion. Cannabis gummy treats keep well and don’t need to be refrigerated. They’re also small, so you don’t need to be super hungry to enjoy them. They have far fewer calories and less sugar than chocolate bars, brownies, rice krispy treats, or other typical edibles.

Cannabis Gummies are also Very Tasty

The most obvious reason why people enjoy their weed in gummy form is because it tastes good! Gummy candies have been very popular since they were invented, and cannabis gummies are no different.

Marijuana gummies can be found in the traditional fruit-flavored gummy bear and gummy worm shapes, which can be a lot of fun for people who remember those from their childhood. But because cannabis gummies are made for adults, and often adults with a fair amount of disposable income, there are plenty of distinctively adult gummies on the market.

Some of the most unique and flavorful gummies on the market include:

  • Rose: Autumn Flame Peach, Albion Strawberry, Poppy Apricot Lemon Verbena
  • Plus: Sleep Cloudberry, Balance Cucumber Lime, Unwind Blackberry Lemon
  • Camino: Holiday Punch, Sparkling Pear, Midnight Blueberry, Pineapple Habanero
  • Wyld: Huckleberry, Elderberry, Pomegranate, Marionberry
  • Kanha: Cran-Pomegranate Punch, Passionfruit Paradise, Lychee, Ruby Grapefruit
  • Mindy’s: Lush Black Cherry, Cool Keylime Kiwi, Botanical White Grapefruit, Glazed Clementine Orange


It’s also easy to add additional properties to THC gummies. You can get gummies with melatonin to enhance sleep or caffeine to enhance alertness. Some gummies are also created with additional CBD or CBN for a customized experience.

No matter what kind of THC-Infused gummies you choose, please remember to keep them where kids can’t get to them. They look good, they smell good, they’re very tempting – but they’re for adults only!

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