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The Gift of Weed
Give a gift that is perfect for the cannabis-lover in your life. (Photo: Getty Images)

Jessica Levy, for HPC Port Hueneme | Published 2:00 a.m. PT Nov. 29, 2019

Looking for fun and creative gifts to put under your tree? Forget the watch or the perfume and try something with a bit more pizazz: cannabis products from HPC Port Hueneme.

Now that cannabis is legal in the state of California for anyone over the age of 21, you can easily purchase a wide variety of gifts for cannabis lovers. Buyers should note that at a federal level, however, marijuana is still considered a Schedule I drug no matter how or where it’s used.

Once you’ve consulted your local laws, go ahead and shop! Even people who don’t smoke cannabis will enjoy experimenting with a wide variety of self-care products that offer new ways to treat yourself and to celebrate cannabis culture. If you’re not certain where to get started, consider these gift suggestions that are sure to appeal to anyone you know who’s curious about cannabis.

1. Kush Queen Love CBD Bath Bomb

Founded by former beauty queen Olivia Alexander, Kush Queen’s high-end products have been making a splash in the cannabis industry since the brand launched in 2015. For some luxurious splashing, try a bath bomb from Kush Queen’s luxe line – Love, Relax, Awaken or Sleep. A CBD-infused Kush bath bomb is perfect for either a relaxing self-care soak or a romantic bath for two.

2. Papa & Barkley 3:1 Releaf Balm

Combining cannabis with coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oils such as eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and lavender, this balm is a great way to enjoy some plant-based nourishment for your body. The botanical balm has a fresh smell and a smooth consistency, and you can use it up to three times per day on targeted areas. It’s ideal for someone who wants to experience the benefits of cannabis without the high.

3. Mary’s Medicinals CBD Transdermal Gel Pen

Give your loved one something more fun to rub on their body than the average lotion. The cool citrus scent is reinvigorating at the end of a long day, and the convenient on-the-go packaging makes the gel easy to take anywhere.

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